Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joomla! 2.5: Another LDAP (?) Issue

This one was really driving me crazy. Really.

But we can't blame LDAP for that, at least I don't think so...

We have a LDAP authentication set up which is working really well. Except when a user enters a wrong password - then he just gets a blank page. The same is the case for articles with a user restriction (user need to be logged in to view the article) - again, just a blank page.

Turns out the blank page is not as blank as it seems - the source is there, including a nice error message. And a line somewhere in the head saying


A lot of research took me to this page, and I decided to try the following, out of some instinct:

"Comment out line 823 (or thereabouts) in:
libraries> joomla > html > html> behavior.php
$document->addStyleDeclaration('html { display:none }');
To comment out, just add 2 slashes "//" in front of the line."

Works like a charm. I am afraid the change will be undone by the next Joomla update, but I'll try to report a bug. In the meantime I hope this helps. Happy coding!

edit: Someone reported a bug on a similar problem, seems like version 2.5.9 will not have this line any more. See here.

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