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SiteOrigin / PageBuilder and Wordpress: Copy Pages

I recently found myself in need of being able to copy a PageBuilder Wordpress page to another site in my Wordpress site network (happens in multilanguage networks...). Normally I would simply expect to switch to "code view", copy code, create new page in other site, paste code. Unfortunately, PageBuilder does not provide a "code view". Here's how I still managed to not have to recreate the layout in the new site myself:

Prerequisites: You need SQL access (PHPmyAdmin or whatever floats your boat)
Note: I am still working on Wordpress 4.7.12, not tested on any more recent versions. 

1) Save and close original page.
2) Switch to destination network site
3) Create page (name it), leave it empty, close it.
4) Open your mySQL administration console.
5) Find table wp_posts (prefix might be different depending on your setup)
6) Browse to your original post entry. There might be several versions if you use versioning, go to the most recent one (duh). Open / edit entry.
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3 Years later: Purchasing Music on Ujomusic with Ether

So I was researching Copyright and Blockchain topics and came across this Medium article: In January 2016, the authors attempted to download Imogen Heap's song from the UjoMusic platform, which allows users to buy and download songs paying with Ether. Imogen Heap started exploring music on the blockchain just before that, as described in this article. In June 2017, Imogen Heap published an article on HBR on that matter, delving into Ujomusic as well. Since the Medium article is almost 3 years old, and there has been a lot of development in the blockchain area, I gave it another go. Here is what I experienced:

First of all, at the beginning of all this, I did not own any Ether. The entire experience probably is another thing if you already own some (you can basically skip to step 24 if you already have MetaMask installed).

For starters, …

Clone SSD to larger SSD, and how to fix Windows 10 afterwards...

Once in a while, one needs new challenges. Or one simply buys a new SSD drive because she likes the idea of more hard drive space. Big mistake?

As you might have already guessed, I recently acquired a Crucial 750GB SSD drive to upgrade my Lenovo u430 touch machine. The plan was to "simply clone the old SSD to the new SSD", so I got myself a "SSD to USB adapter" and connected the empty drive to my machine. There are various tools out there which claim to be able to clone the drives, but none of them worked for me. Booting into (USB-)Ubuntu, I opened up GParted and noticed that my old SSD already had 8 partitions, some of which could not be read properly...

Long story short, I ended up formatting the new SSD into a GPT (not MBR!) drive, created the same partitions (just allocated a bit more space to the main ones) and, after chatting with a friend, who mentioned the "DD"-command to me (learn something new everyday, right?) cloned all partitions from old dri…

How to reanimate dead Leonovo u430 touch

So I opened up my Lenovo Ideapad 430 touch today because I wanted to check whether my new SSD drive would fit in. When I reassembled it to transfer the data, I connected it to power and nothing happened. Not even the A/C light came on.

Since I didn't screw back all the screws, I opened it up again and put everything back into place (suspecting it was something to do with anti static precautions, but what do I know of physics...)

Well, it didn't help, and I got kind of freaked out. I googled and found nothing, except a fairly old entry about ThinkPads mentioning the Power Button.

Out of some kind of weird thought I pressed the Power Button for like 15 seconds - and a light came on. Pressed it again, and the machine came alive. [I'll spell the Power Button with Caps from now on since it is the HOLY Power Button obviously.]

Tech guys will most likely laugh at me now, but since I read nothing about this (and since I'm really glad I don't have to get a new Laptop or go …

Eureka! Intel N 7260 Issue Appears To Be Solved

For a while now I've been having annoying trouble with my wireless adapter (Intel N 7260 - yes, I know it is known to cause trouble...). Not only did it not connect properly, it broke the wifi and the internet connection of the router in a way that no other device in the network could access the internet any more.

I might just have discovered another possible cause: And guess what, Windows took me there. I know, right? So, this is what I did (I am on Win 10 right now):

- It did not connect properly, as usual (for me this only happens when at home, where I am using a Speedport W 504V router) - so I ran Windows "troubleshooting" (right-click on the wifi icon in the task bar to get there)
- It told me that there was an issue with a network protocol missing on my machine (which is rather ridiculous)
- BUT at the bottom of the window it offered me a link to detailed information about the issue, which took me to a quite detailed troubleshooting report
- This report lists all k…

Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update Issue

Disclaimer: getting anything wrong with flashing might brick your device - this is not a manual. I am not responsible for any damage to your phone or data... 


So I finally checked the software update availability on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and guess what - the Android 5.0 update was available. Finally. I cleared up some space on my phone (it claims that it needs 3 GB of free space for the installation) and started the update. It is a big image (1.4 GB), so it takes a while to download, then the phone shuts down, restarts, and starts to install. I started wondering when the installation process started at 25%, went down to 1, up to 20, 30% and then - "error". Phone restarts, everything OK except for the fact that I still have KitKat on my phone.

Tried again. Same result. Tried again. Same result. Googled it. No results. Nobody seemed to run into that same error. There was indeed an error message after the phone restarted successfully - "Try it again, try Kies or go to…

Pi Access Point with RTL9182CU-Adapter

Well, I tried a long time and this is mainly a note to myself:

go here first:

then go here:

you do not need to fix the Invalid Argument error, just apply the WPA-Supplicant fix from here: