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How to reanimate dead Leonovo u430 touch

So I opened up my Lenovo Ideapad 430 touch today because I wanted to check whether my new SSD drive would fit in. When I reassembled it to transfer the data, I connected it to power and nothing happened. Not even the A/C light came on.

Since I didn't screw back all the screws, I opened it up again and put everything back into place (suspecting it was something to do with anti static precautions, but what do I know of physics...)

Well, it didn't help, and I got kind of freaked out. I googled and found nothing, except a fairly old entry about ThinkPads mentioning the Power Button.

Out of some kind of weird thought I pressed the Power Button for like 15 seconds - and a light came on. Pressed it again, and the machine came alive. [I'll spell the Power Button with Caps from now on since it is the HOLY Power Button obviously.]

Tech guys will most likely laugh at me now, but since I read nothing about this (and since I'm really glad I don't have to get a new Laptop or go …