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Something about LaTeX...

Currently I am writing a paper in LaTeX, using Eclipse as an editor and jura as the document type. The paper is restricted to 20 pages, and both the page format and the tracking, as well as the line spacing, are defined and cannot be played with.
I spent some time fiddling with the jura files to get more space, and I came across some interesting possibilities (at least I think they are). As I found nothing on them on the internet I thought I'd share it with you, even though this might be very specific to the _old_ jura package which still had the alphanum.sty file (just found out that there is a newer version of the jura package which even has comments, the alphanum.sty is included in the jura file - you can obtain it here - the regular jura package is part of the texlive and miktex distributions).

As a result of my research, I found out how to achieve so called runin headings:

A.I.1.b. This heading likes to stay in the text
and this is the content. It used to start only in the…