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3 Years later: Purchasing Music on Ujomusic with Ether

So I was researching Copyright and Blockchain topics and came across this Medium article: In January 2016, the authors attempted to download Imogen Heap's song from the UjoMusic platform, which allows users to buy and download songs paying with Ether. Imogen Heap started exploring music on the blockchain just before that, as described in this article. In June 2017, Imogen Heap published an article on HBR on that matter, delving into Ujomusic as well. Since the Medium article is almost 3 years old, and there has been a lot of development in the blockchain area, I gave it another go. Here is what I experienced:

First of all, at the beginning of all this, I did not own any Ether. The entire experience probably is another thing if you already own some (you can basically skip to step 24 if you already have MetaMask installed).

For starters, …