Friday, February 5, 2016

Eureka! Intel N 7260 Issue Appears To Be Solved

For a while now I've been having annoying trouble with my wireless adapter (Intel N 7260 - yes, I know it is known to cause trouble...). Not only did it not connect properly, it broke the wifi and the internet connection of the router in a way that no other device in the network could access the internet any more.

I might just have discovered another possible cause: And guess what, Windows took me there. I know, right? So, this is what I did (I am on Win 10 right now):

- It did not connect properly, as usual (for me this only happens when at home, where I am using a Speedport W 504V router) - so I ran Windows "troubleshooting" (right-click on the wifi icon in the task bar to get there)
- It told me that there was an issue with a network protocol missing on my machine (which is rather ridiculous)
- BUT at the bottom of the window it offered me a link to detailed information about the issue, which took me to a quite detailed troubleshooting report
- This report lists all kinds of information about the device, known networks and available networks, and at the very bottom something very interesing was laid out to me, which confirmed my suspicions: My wireless adapter is not compatible with the router (access point). Go figure. Well, anyways, not like it was configured. Turns out that Windows 10 has quite detailed energy management settings, which seem not to be compatible with all network access points.

To solve the issue: Right-Click the battery icon in your task bar, open energy management. Go to your active energy management mode and click "change settings" and click on "change advanced settings". Go to your wireless device, and check if both battery and a/c-mode are set to medium.

The theory has yet to be confirmed after an extended testing period, but for now, it works!

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