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Joomla / Eclipse: Use Eclipse to edit files

Even though I could use any Editor or Notepad, after some days of Joomla! I was yearning for some syntax highlighting and maybe even automatic code completion... I did some Java programming in the past, and I am really used to the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers seemed to be a good deal for what I was up to do, so I gave it a try.

I feel kind of stupid even posting about this, but upon starting up Eclipse, I started to wonder how I would do that - being that Eclipse works with projects, and I didn't want to put all of my components into an Eclipse workspace, and I didn't want to put up a subversioning system.

Turns out it is quite simple: Right-click somewhere in the package explorer,  select 'New', 'Project...'. In the dialog, open the folder 'General' and select 'Project'. Click 'Next'. For the name, I usually put the com_componentname / mod_modulename, as in my file system. But I don't think it matters. Then uncheck the box 'Use default location' and click 'Browse...'. Select your component folder and click 'Finish'. Voila!

Nothing is copied or messed with, you are working on the files in your file system.


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I then tried to recover our database. What I thought: Just copy the contents from the database backup folder (mysql/joomla) to the mysql folder on the server and everything should be fine. That was what they said on the internet, too. Turns out there were only .frm files in that folder, no .myd etc. Turns out that .frm only contains the table structure. But where is my data?

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